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Meet The Team

Board Members - Inspired By Joey's Life

At Joey's Gifts, we believe every child deserves the opportunity to pursue their dreams, regardless of their financial situation. Our dedicated team is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of children and animals alike. We accomplish this with three programs:

     1.  Making sports accessible to all children with Our Sports Scholarship Program for Young Athletes

     2.  Promoting children's safety with Our Comprehensive Safety System Program.

     3.  Promoting the well-being of animals with Our Animal Rescue Program - With Love.

Picture of Bill Berkelback Board Treasurer

Bill Berkelback

Board Treasurer & Sponsorship Program Director

Bill is an highly accomplished professional with over 40 years of experience in various fields like steelwork construction and shipbuilding. Throughout his career, he has held several management roles that have equipped him with a broad range of skills, which integrate well with his current role on the Board of Joey's Gifts. In his personal life, Bill is an artist and expert carpenter with a side business to showcase his creations. He likes to spend his free time watching football and movies, gardening with his wife, and doing home maintenance. Bill is a loving family man who cherishes spending time with his grandchildren, especially his beloved grandson Joey. He shared a strong bond with Joey, strengthened by their shared experiences of storytelling, jokes, and word games. Bill and Joey would laugh until their bellies hurt. Despite losing Joey, who was only nine, Bill now serves as the board treasurer and sponsorship director for his grandson's nonprofit. His guiding principle is that "happiness is the highest level of success." Bill's story is a testament to his passion, dedication, and commitment to Joey's Nonprofit, his family, and making a difference in the community.

Picture of Lisa Keichline

Lisa Keichline

Board Secretary & Grant Funding Manager

Lisa's educational background is in Paralegal Studies, concentrating on Title Insurance. Her employment background is Directing and Managing teams in all phases of Title Insurance.  In her personal life, she is a mother of five children, ages ranging from 18 to 4 years old. Lisa says being a mother is the greatest gift and blessing she has ever experienced. Although all her children have different personalities and are uniquely exceptional, Joey was her "snuggle bug" and loved watching movies endlessly. Joey was intelligent and clever. He was mesmerized watching anyone build things, so he was advanced in anything shown hands-on. Lisa says she will miss his smile, sparkling big blue eyes, and never-ending snuggles. She will keep him in her heart and take him everywhere she goes.

Picture of Katie Keichline COO

Katie Keichline

Chief Operating Officer (COO) 

Katie has 230 undergraduate credits between the Community College of Philadelphia and Bucks County Community College. She is a PA-licensed Notary Public who recently acquired her license in Real Estate. Her impeccable organizational skills and outstanding work ethic make her pivotal in the Chief Operating Officer role. In her personal life, her significant achievement is being a mother. She has a four-year-old son named Tommy and adores being a mother. It brings her an immense joy and happiness.  She is Joey's maternal Aunt. She is fondly known as Aunt Kake, coined by Joey when he couldn't pronounce Katie. The name stuck. She appreciates her title as Aunt Kake now more than ever since Joey's death. She adored her nephew and loved watching him play with Tommy. Joey loved Tommy and vice versa. As sad as it is to lose her beloved nephew, she is honored to be a part of Joey's wonderful Nonprofit.

Picture of Patty Grillo

Patty Grillo

Chief Sponsorship Officer 

Patty Grillo is a retired Amtrak employee who organized their conference in Las Vegas every year, among many events, for 30+ years! She has impeccable organizational skills and knows how to keep processes on track (no pun intended). Patty has suggested several inspiring ideas for fundraising and Sponsorship. She's a natural. Patty has a special knack for making things happen. We are honored that she has joined Joey's Gifts team. Patty has known Joey since birth. She loved being around him at family events, especially our annual Christmas events. She adored watching Joey grow up and got a kick out of his funny antics. They had a special bond!

Picture of Jessica Mihos

Jessica Mihos

Director of Fundraising & Event Planning

Jessica is the Director of Fundraising and Event Planning at Joey's Gifts, a non-profit organization. She is married to Ari, and they have four sons. In addition to her work, Jessica homeschools her three youngest sons, which requires a lot of planning and organizational skills. These qualities are essential for our fundraising and event-planning efforts. Serving on Joey's Gifts board has special meaning to her since Joey was a great friend to her three youngest sons.

Picture of Cindy Berkelback

Cindy Berkeback

Chief Executive Director - Marketing & Information Manager

Cindy is a talented woman who earned a degree in IT and Marketing. As the Executive Director of Joey's Gifts, a non-profit organization she co-founded. Cindy is on a mission to honor the memory of her beloved grandson, Joey. Though he passed away at the tender age of nine, Cindy's unyielding enthusiasm and fortitude have allowed her to channel her grief into a driving force behind her work. Her cherished quote, "If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again," is a testament to her unwavering resilience despite facing life's most challenging and excruciating life-changing circumstances. Join Cindy in making a difference today.

A picture of Tom Mayberry

Tom Mayberry

Board President & Grant Funding Director

Tom is a licensed Automotive and Autobody Technician. He is a renowned shop owner known for his reputation, humor, honest character, and charismatic personality.  His greatest joy is being a father to his 3-year-old son. His son is his mirror image with his looks and gregarious and fun-loving personality. Tom had the pleasure of meeting Joey four years ago. He quickly realized Joey had a magnetic personality. Joey was full of enthusiasm, especially with his loving and caring heart. Tom also discovered his spirited side, especially Joey's devilish ways. From the start, Tom quickly loved Joey.  Tom was happy to be asked to join the team as Board President for Joey's Gifts. He feels honored but wishes this was for anything other than keeping Joey's spirit alive.

Picture of Sherri Gordon

Sherri Gordon

Board Vice President - Strategic Development & Fundraising Initiatives Director

Sherri has a Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy. She works with seniors and goes above and beyond for her patients. Sherri believes in healing the whole body, mind, and spirit. She truly cares about people in general. She has a beautiful gift of making everyone feel comfortable and welcome. Sherri will be excellent as our board Vice President - Strategic Development and Fundraising Initiatives Director. Our nonprofit will significantly benefit from having Sherri on our team! In her private life, she is married to her sweetheart, two children, three step-children, and eight grandchildren. Most importantly, she spent quality time with Joey over his short nine years and loved him immensely!

Picture of Meg Place

Meg Place

Scholarship Program Director

Meg has a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and two Masters Degrees in Education and Administration.   Meg was a Principal and teacher in the Upper Dublin area but has since retired! We are excited that Meg is part of our team! With her extensive experience and background with teachers and children alike, she will undoubtedly be successful with our Programs. She is a well-rounded asset and blessing! In her private life, she is married to her sweetheart, John. She is a mother to two children, Johnny and Sharon, and a grandmother to 7 wonderful grandchildren. She believes in giving back to our community. Meg not only dedicates her time to Joey's Gifts but volunteers at St Luke's Hospital in the pediatric division. She loves getting to know Joey through our Joey stories of the funniest kid ever!

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