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Boy. Playing Soccer


 His Spirit Will Live On!

Joey was a delightful and brilliant young boy, remarkable in every way. He was a loving brother to three brothers and a sister.

Joey had an infectious love for life and was always playing pranks on his family. He was funny and caring and spontaneously made friends everywhere he went. Joey was an exceptional athlete and had a particular fondness for soccer. He primarily played as a goalie but also served as an alternate striker, and was an excellent team player.


In memory of Joey, we have established a scholarship program that provides financial assistance to children who possess passion and talent for sports but cannot afford to pursue it. Joey also loved animals, birds, and butterflies, and therefore, we are donating to animal rescues to honor his passion for animals.


Sadly, Joey drowned in a pond while fishing alone. Our safety program is underway. The goal is to create awareness among children of all ages about the importance of safety.

A bearutiful portait of Joey gifted after Joey died

October 13, 2013 - June 19, 2023

In Joey’s memory, his maternal Pop handcrafted and engraved a bench with his name. We named it

'Joey's Buddy Bench". On September 9, 2023, we held a beautiful ceremony where we dedicated Joey's Buddy Bench. The bench now resides at Simmons Elementary in Horsham, PA, where Joey and his older siblings attended school. It is located at the front of the school in the reading garden.


You can view a picture of the bench below, but for additional photos and videos of the dedication, please visit the tab special events.

Handcrafted Joey's Buddy Bench

Life without Joey will never be the same, but keeping his Spirit alive will help. We will forever miss his contagious laugh, beautiful eyes, amazing smile, and magnificent and gregarious personality! Joey will live in our hearts forever, and with your help, his Spirit will live on forever as well!


Thank you in advance for your loving support in helping to honor Our Beautiful Boy, Joey!  

Portrait by: Jonny Castro Art


Jonny donates his time creating portraits for First Responders and others. A friend of Joey's mom, Lisa, asked Jonny if he would create Joey's painting. Jonny generously agreed. We are so very grateful!

Last Picture Taken of Joey
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