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Would you like to make a positive impact on your community? Supporting Joey's Gifts is an excellent way to do just that. As a non-profit organization, Joey's Gifts is dedicated to honoring the legacy of Joey, a young athlete, who passed away tragically at the tender age of nine. Joey's passion for sports not only brought him joy but also taught him essential life skills such as leadership, confidence, and self-esteem. At Joey's Gifts, we strive to empower children by offering them the same opportunities for growth and development through sports that Joey enjoyed immensely.


Our organization's scholarship program is an integral part of our mission. It provides crucial financial support to children who have a passion for sports but cannot afford to pursue it. Your contribution makes a significant difference in the lives of talented young athletes. Donating helps children play on a team, improve their skills, and develop as individuals.


For example, your donations helped us to financially support 30 young cheerleaders, who traveled to Florida to compete in Nationals. They triumphantly won the first-place title and secured a spot to compete in the Global competition held in Atlantic City, NJ. They emerged victoriously as the Global champions. Their joy and pride were immeasurable, and we were delighted to have played a part in their success. Your contribution can help us provide similar opportunities to many more children, and make their dreams come true.


In addition to our scholarship program, we are committed to creating a safety program in memory of Joey, who tragically drowned in a pond. Our goal is to raise awareness about the importance of safety for children of all ages and to empower them to make wise decisions that keep themselves and others safe. Children are naturally curious and adventurous, and this can make them vulnerable to safety risks. Our comprehensive safety program will instill lifelong safety habits in children and ensure their well-being. We believe that safety should always be a top priority, and we are committed to working together to make our communities safer.


Finally, we donate some of our funds to support animal rescue organizations. We share your love for animals and are grateful for your contributions to this cause. Your donations help animal rescues provide essential veterinary care, food, shelter, and other necessities that enable these animals to thrive.


In conclusion, we are deeply grateful for your kindness and generosity. Your support allows us to fulfill our mission of improving the lives of children and animals in our communities. Thank you for making a difference and being an invaluable community member.


Friends and Family of Joey Malcolm

Joey age 8 with brother Connor age 3

Joey, age 8, with his 3-year-old brother Connor

Please note: The board of directors at Joey's Gifts Corp has the exclusive authority to use contributions made to us at the board's discretion for purposes consistent with our nonprofit organization purposes, which are:

  1. Our Sports Scholarship Program for Young Athletes

  2. Our Comprehensive Safety System Program

  3. Our Animal Rescue Program - With Love

Board members, officers, staff members, or volunteers are not compensated for services provided. 

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