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Our Nonprofit organization, Joey's Gifts, was established to honor the life and legacy of our beloved Joey, who tragically drowned in a pond while fishing at the age of 9. Our primary goals are to empower children through sports with our scholarship program and to secure funding for animal rescues and safety initiatives through generous donations and sponsorships. 

We are deeply passionate about our initiatives and programs. You can help create a better future for those most vulnerable in our community. We ask for your support by contributing your time, resources, or finances. Join us in making a difference today and be a part of something truly significant.


Please note: Joey's Gifts was founded on June 23, 2023, and incorporated according to the requirements of Pennsylvania's Nonprofit Corporation Law of 1988 on August 4, 2023.

Welcome To Joey's Gifts

Image by Power Lai
Picture of Joey at age 3

about us

Our grandson Joey tragically drowned in a pond while fishing. He was only nine. He loved fishing and was a good swimmer.

On June 19, 2023, our lives stood still and drastically changed forever. We loved our grandson Joey deeply. He was a wonderful, funny, gregarious, carefree boy who treasured life. Joey made friends everywhere he went and was a good friend to others. Adults even got to know him because he had mastered his communication skills well beyond his tender age. Joey had an extraordinary personality and was loving and caring. One of his favorite pastimes was playing at the playground. If his little brother or another youngster needed help, he was quick and happy to oblige. He was so gentle with little ones.

We used to talk about everything, and he loved telling us all he knew about dinosaurs. He was brilliant and had a knack for telling stories. He would make us laugh until our belly hurt. I suppose he learned his story-telling antics from his Pop - they were close that way! They had a funny and extraordinary bond with one another indeed.

Our loss is heartbreaking and unbearable because of who Joey was and how he loved life. His spirit was enormous in life. We want his spirit to soar in death. We want his star to shine brightest evermore. Our niece gifted us an actual star. We named it "Joey's Star." We cried a lot. It is the most precious gift ever!

My husband and I founded this nonprofit, Joey's Gifts, so Joey's death would not be in vain. We don't want other parents and grandparents to experience this or a similar horrifying life-changing event. Believe us, life will never be the same. If we can, we'd rather spare anyone this excruciating heartbreak. Joey's tragic accident demonstrates that anything can happen to your children in a fraction of a second. We have founded a safety system program to help young minds think about safety first. 

Thank you for stopping by.

Read on to learn more about Joey and the excellent programs we developed for children and animals in Joey's name. Learn how these programs are making a real difference and how you can be a part of this amazing cause.  Continue reading to learn more.

Joey's Gifts Makes Anything Possible 

With "Joey's Programs" Below

Our Sports Scholarship Program  for Young Athletes

Picture of boys playing Soccer

Children's participation in sports enhances youth development and teaches essential life skills. At Joey's Gifts, we believe that all children should have the chance to pursue their dream of playing sports, regardless of their financial situation.


Our inspiration for founding Our Sports Scholarship Program for Young Athletes is Joey, our talented nine-year-old grandson. Joey loved soccer and wrote an essay for school about why everyone should play it. Joey learned valuable lessons about teamwork, leadership, respect, and good sportsmanship from playing the sport. 


As his family, we saw firsthand how much soccer helped Joey grow and develop. His

confidence and self-esteem increased, and he felt happy and fulfilled. Tragically, Joey passed away just five days after his last game of the season, but his legacy lives on through Joey's Gifts.


Joey's Gifts Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to children who cannot afford to play sports. We want to make sports accessible to all children, just as Joey wished. By supporting our program, you can help honor his legacy, and provide an opportunity for children to learn important life skills through sports.

A Comprehensive Safety System Program

"Keeping Kids Safe - Our #1 Goal"

Life preserver for a boat
Kids protective helmet
A child's safety vest for water

Drowning, a silent and sudden event, can occur in as little as 20-60 seconds. Therefore, parents and children must remain watchful and vigilant around any body of water, including oceans, gulfs, bays, seas, rivers, lakes, and ponds. Let's not forget pools and spas residing in our backyard living space. Children should never be left alone around any body of water, because Joey's tragic accident demonstrates that anything can happen to children. Children are naturally curious and adventurous, which makes them vulnerable to safety risks. To safeguard our little explorers, we are developing a comprehensive safety system program to empower children and adults to make safer decisions and keep themselves and others safe.

Our comprehensive safety system program aims to educate on critical safety measures that can prevent drowning and other life-threatening events. This program provides children and adults with the tools and knowledge they need to make safer decisions around bodies of water. We also teach children to have a buddy with them. This way if something unexpected happens, the buddy can get help, thereby, preventing a tragedy from happening. By instilling lifelong safety habits in children, we can ensure their well-being and avoid preventable tragedies that can be life-changing.

My husband and I founded this nonprofit organization, Joey's Gifts so that Joey's death would not be in vain. We don't want other parents and grandparents to experience this or a similar horrifying life-changing event. Believe us, life will never be the same. We want to spare anyone this excruciating heartbreak. We understand all too well that the consequences are devastating and life-altering.

Joey's tragic accident demonstrates that anything can happen to our children in a fraction of a second. Your safety and the safety of your loved ones should always be a top priority, so let's work together to make our communities safer. And let's make a difference in children's lives.


Stay tuned for updates on the progress of our comprehensive safety system program. 

Our Animal Rescue Program - With Love

Picture of Animals

At Joey's Gifts, we are passionate about promoting animal welfare. Joey had an unbridled love for animals, and we are committed to keeping his legacy alive by supporting animal rescue organizations with Our Animal Rescue Program, we do this with Love. These organizations play a crucial role in caring for stray and abandoned animals. The volunteers work tirelessly to provide animals with medical treatment, nutritious meals, foster volunteers, and permanent loving homes. However, to continue their critical work, they need the generous contributions of donors to continue their mission, and we are proud to support their cause. 

Recently, we made a significant contribution to Wags Rescue. Wags Rescue is an organization that provides exceptional care to our furry friends and demonstrates an unwavering commitment to finding all animals a loving home. But our work is far from over, and we need your help to make a real difference. By donating today, you can help us support these organizations that have a crucial role in promoting animal welfare. Alternatively, you can volunteer at a rescue or foster an animal. Every little bit counts. Together, we can create a significant impact on the lives of these precious creatures. 

Join us in this noble cause with our animal rescue program.  Donate today, and let's make a difference in the lives of the animals that need our help the most.

“Grief is love with no place to go” ― Karen Gibbs

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