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Understanding Grief: Can You Comprehend the Profound Grief From Joey's Loss?

Grief is a natural response to loss. Grief is also an intensely personal experience that can be deeply felt and expressed individually, and everyone experiences grief differently. The healing process is unique to everyone. It is an emotional, physical, and spiritual journey that can be overwhelming and confusing. Remember that grief is a necessary part of life. It can bring up a range of challenging and raw emotions. It is essential to be kind and gentle with yourself while mourning and allow yourself space and time to process your feelings. Processing grief requires patience. It can be a long and challenging journey, but it is necessary to seek support from family, friends, and even professionals to help you through it.

Desiree, my niece, stated her thoughts that grief isn’t the opposite of Love. The deeper you love, the more challenging the heartache.

Our family experienced profound grief in the wake of Joey's loss. He drowned in a pond while fishing. He was only 9. We experienced a roller coaster of emotions from shock and disbelief to deep sadness, to confusion, anger, and even guilt for some. And the tears still flow. Grief is a process that can take months or even years to work through. The loss of Joey has left us heartbroken and in excruciating pain. We are struggling to accept that he is gone, we will never see him again, and our lives have been forever changed.

Joey was a force to be reckoned with. He was precocious in every way. He loved life and lived it intentionally, full of energy and zest. My family and I want to remember everything about Joey's life - the bad, the good, the beautiful. Although Joey was only with us for nine years, we have many precious memories. We are grateful and blessed to have had the time with Joey. He will always be with us, and we will forever love him.

For me, Joey is Forever 9! So, the answer to the question that is posed is no. I cannot comprehend the profound grief from Joey's loss! I will never understand or find the reason that this tragedy even occurred.

Even though my heart aches, I will continue to help keep his spirit alive with Joey's Gifts. It is a nonprofit that offers a scholarship program for boys and girls who want to play organized sports but cannot afford to join! We provide financial assistance. We also have additional programs for children and animals. If you are looking for ways to give back, we are always looking for volunteers too.

To learn more about how you can help, please visit us.


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